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Internet Ministries Mobile App for the churches of Christ

$500/yr or $49/mo

Mobile App design fee: $250 (billed separately)

Provide your own custom branded Mobile App FREE to all of your church members locally and world wide. Keep your members connected to your congregation and God's word. Life today is busy, and we find ourselves forgetting to stop and reflect on God's blessings and Word. Make it easy & convenient for them to listen to your sermons on the go, keep up with bible studies, events, and participate in ministries.

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Internet Ministries Mobile App

Bible Study & Sermon Reference

Create unlimited study guides for your church. These guides allow your members to have quick reference to the verses mentioned during the sermon. Your church can have it's own daily study guide plus you can create a separate guide for your youth program.



Internet Ministries Mobile App

Prayer is Powerful

Sometimes its hard to ask for help. Make it easy for your body to let you know their needs. Publish the prayer requests and your entire congregation can join in prayer.


Internet Ministries Mobile App

 Augmented Podcast

Your message is important and so much more than just an audio recording. Group your audio with a reference guide to follow along with verses, include your weekly announcements and much more. Create a screen for your sermon and replace your bulletins.

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